Grant Participant: Valley Light Home (VLH)

Country: Kenya

Humanitarian connection:

Holistic children’s home

Year Founded:  2011


The mission of VLH is to break the cycle of poverty for children who have been orphaned or abandoned by providing a loving home and family environment where the physical, emotional, medical, spiritual, educational and social need of each child is met, and every child is assured of access to societal opportunities and benefits that will enable him or her to succeed in life.

Project Overview:

Valley Light Home is the dream realized and long-term commitment of John and Leah Njoroge, each born and raised in Kenya. After years of planning and careful strategy, VLH opened its doors to take in 6 children in August 2011, the youngest little one a child of 6 weeks. To date, Valley Light is home to 29 children.

The area where VLH is located suffers from the HIV-AIDS epidemic, partly due to prostitution. The results of this crisis include a young life expectancy and a growing number of orphaned children. In addition, poverty, lack of education, and domestic challenges lead to over 20,000 children being abandoned each year in Kenya. Without intervention, the future of these young lives and the community as a whole remains vulnerable to the cycle of poverty, various forms of abuse, little opportunity for change, and ultimately little to no reason for hope.

In response to this, VLH was carefully envisioned to be a home rather than an institution for up to 36 children (infants to 18 years of age). The organization is managed by a local staff, including a full-time social worker. The children receive professional care and guidance for physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs.

“Though our children were once abandoned or orphaned, that is not true of any of them anymore. They are home now, and just like any other children, they have the time and space to pursue their life dreams.”

– John Njoroge, Co-Founder of Valley Light Home

Investment Opportunities

  • Food, Clothing, and Medical expenses for 29 children in the home

  • Community outreach to neighborhood children

  • Manager’s salary – providing structure and guidance to the home

  • Social worker’s salary – providing critical emotional support to children

Numbers at a Glance – 2024 Budget


Description Cost/ month Number of Children Monthly cost per child Total Cost (USD)
Groceries $1,151 29 children $39.69 $13,815
Clothes $109 29 children $3.77 $1,315
Medical Expenses $39 29 children $1.35 $473
Community Outreach $241 $2,894
Manager Annual Salary $427 $5,131
Social Worker Annual Salary $269 $3,236
TOTAL $26,864

Poverty, lack of education, and domestic challenges lead to over 20,000 children being abandoned each year in Kenya.


53% of all Kenyan children experience multidimensional poverty.


29 children call Valley Light their home, receiving love, support, and holistic care.