Invest in Humanity.

For 2023, we have vetted and approved 7 grassroots programs available for financial support. Read below to learn more.

Little Drops

support neglected and destitute elderly


50% raised of $31,609 goal

Home from Home

support family-based model of permanent foster care

South Africa

50% raised of $19,737 goal


support child surgeries and FGM awareness


50% raised of $23,937 goal

Project Suma

 supports victims of sexual exploitation

 (formerly Word Made Flesh)


50% raised of $25,000 goal


support victims of trafficking


50% raised of $21,132 goal

Valley Light Home

 love and care for 34 children in children’s home


50% raised of $24,984

Agni Raksha

provides holistic burn prevention and treatment


50% raised of $42,216 goal

Critical Project Needs

Your gift here allows us to allocate it where most needed to the projects above.  When we send quarterly wires to the projects, we draw from this to close the gaps.


Operational Expenses

fueling the process that honors the gift


*includes restricted funds given by donors and designated for this purpose

1% raised of $325,000 goal
For each gift you give, 75% goes directly to project grants and unique due diligence services, and 25% supports the infrastructure to evaluate projects, facilitate giving and provide monitoring and reporting.