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Personal Consultation

What is the personal donor charitable giving portfolio service?

Your relationship to Third Ladder and humanitarian work is more than transactional; together we step into the life and world of someone who is suffering to offer love through meaningful and appropriate action. Since we began, Third Ladder has offered a unique service to all existing and prospective donors.  With a personal consulting session, our team listens to your passions and goals for giving. We advise on existing program grant opportunities that share your particular passions and develop a focused or diversified allocation plan to these programs to meet your giving goals.   Regular meetings provide updates to you on the specific impact you are making. Think of this as similar in its fundamental purpose to a personal financial advisor that helps you
allocate investments. Charitable giving is a very different investment that is strengthened and maximized by specific experience and skills. It crosses borders and cultures and is entrenched in the unpredictable and high-risk landscapes of trauma, darkness, and a multimillion-dollar global
conglomerate of intricacies, dynamics, and intentions.

Together, our team brings over 50 years of experience in the combined fields of direct trauma care, international and cross-cultural relationship building, humanitarian program evaluation, small business operations, grant distribution, accounting, and therapeutic services that equip us to offer you valuable support to your humanitarian charitable giving.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a simple, competent process that does not require more of your over-extended time to execute, you can rest assured our team will apply our experience, knowledge, and heart to receiving and disbursing your gift.

We refer to our donors as our partners because you can have a voice in the process. We guide your gift from the beginning to honor your intention and to meet legitimate need, foster accountability, and ensure you know real results, real stories, and how you changed lives in a hurting world.

For a personal consultation call with one of our team members, please fill out the information below and we will be in touch.

Our Commitment to You

We want you to see the ways in which your investment is being used.

Your direct impact

For each gift you give, 75% goes directly to program grants and unique due diligence services, and 25% supports the infrastructure to evaluate programs, facilitate giving and provide responsible oversight.

Our Financial Accountability

Accountability and transparency is of utmost importance to us.  Our 990 and Annual Report detail our financial statements.

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Our Process

Every approved program in our grant portfolio goes through a rigorous vetting process.  Once approved, the monitoring and reporting process includes monthly reports, quarterly financials, and strategically scheduled routine site visits..

“It is an equalizer among us that each one of us can be a ladder as much as each one of us needs one at times to lift us out of the broken into the beautiful.”  Naomi Zacharias Zumback, Executive Director