Q & A with Laura Cardner, Board Member


Naomi:   You have a heart the pulls you to cultures, countries, and needs around the world. On your trip to South Africa last year and visiting one the projects we support, it fanned a flame. What was it that it stirred within you?

Laura:  I was humbled that just a small contributor as myself could bring the staff and the foster mom’s such joy at being seen and witnessed.  The simple act of visitation was honoring them in ways that cannot be stated or measured.  It did not matter what I gave or that I donated, but it did matter greatly that I took the time to spend time with them, to drive to the communities, to see the work they do.

Further, as I reflected upon this over the following months, what became apparent to me, is that after I saw and met all of these people and experienced their work, it was so easy for me to share their stories.

That desire to spread the hard work of their efforts is difficult to express.  I can only say I was so moved and inspired by the work of others in acts of selflessness, in acts of love, that I wanted to pay it forward.

NaomiLaura, you are no stranger to pain. How has this affected the way you live your life? 

Laura:  Pain and suffering has afforded me Grace.  It has led me to view time in two opposing ways.  There is an urgency to time and there is a waiting in time.  The urgency of expression, of letting people know they are loved and seen, combined with the pause of grace.  The pause to say, I’ll wait, I’ll be still, I see there is more, and being able to hold that space.  I try and hold both the urgency and the pause together, to love easily and be patient with people and their stories.