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Naomi Zacharias Zumback Bio

Naomi Zacharias Zumback received a BA in Business/Economics from Wheaton College. Her first job out of college was in Brand Development for Chick Fil A and she soon transitioned to Sales for The Coca-Cola Company to accept what was her perceived dream job. It was fantastic training under a superb manager, but a restlessness remained. She moved into the non-profit sector, seeking to apply herself to a cause she believed in. Following an internship in the Office of Public Liaison at the White House where she helped to organize presidential briefings for constituency groups, Naomi considered staying in Washington DC to focus on international justice issues. Instead, in a decision that surprised herself, she declined an opportunity at the US Department of Justice to return to Atlanta in 2004 to develop and launch a humanitarian initiative with a robust application process to evaluate international grant requests and distribute approximately 16M USD in grant funding over 16 years for rehabilitation for victims of human trafficking, healthcare, education, poverty-related issues, war-related issues, support for victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence, refugee aid and issues related to child welfare and orphan care in approximately 17 countries. This work led her into refugee and displacement camps in Africa and the Middle East, brothels in Southeast Asia and Europe, women’s prisons in Africa, medical clinics for HIV care, hospitals for patients with leprosy in Asia, and children’s homes around the world to witness significant realities of human tragedy as well as resources, programs, and people affecting redemptive and restorative change. In 2021, together with her team, Naomi launched a new grant making entity, Third Ladder, where she now serves as Executive Director.

Naomi’s first book, “The Scent of Water: Grace for Every Kind of Broken,” was released by Zondervan in 2011 and shares stories from her experiences in humanitarian work. Her children’s book, “Little Prince, Little Prince, What Will You Be?” was published by Harvest House in 2020. Through her company, The Anonymous Society Fine Storytellers, she currently provides editing services for authors looking to find their voice and tell their stories.

Naomi has loved seeing parts of the world, savoring cultures, foods, and human connection. She is an introvert who loves being with family and small circle of close friends. Her primary purpose is to love her children and niece fiercely and try to help them uncover beauty in a complicated world and discover who they were intended to be. She loves eating out, music, watching movies, a beautiful view, and creating a safe haven at home with her four children.