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Zenat Drown bio

Zenat Drown lives in Boone, North Carolina with her husband and two boys. She runs a non-profit
organization, Greater Change, whose focus is to educate and empower families to improve their
communities’ social health, and experience the love of God through Jesus. Much of her organization’s work focuses on Iraq, where families have been traumatized by war.

Zenat knows something about war and trauma. When she was a little girl her family fled Afghanistan for Pakistan as militias advanced on her home town. She lived several years as a refugee before an opportunity opened up for her family to come to America.

Jesus found Zenat in the US. She had been introduced to Him as a refugee in Pakistan, where a missionary lady had given her a book that showed a smiling man with a lamb over his shoulders. She told her that whenever Zenat had nightmares she should hold the book close to her and ask God to take away her fears. After settling in Chicago, some Christian girls explained to Zenat who that man was on the cover, and Zenat chose to follow Him for the rest of her life.

Zenat ran a successful photography business in Washington, DC for a number of years. She returned to the Middle East in 2015 with her husband, a former US Marine and their two boys – who were ages 4 and 6 at the time, on assignment with a Christian relief organization to serve refugees and internally displaced people. She volunteered as a teacher of photography, helping youth to use the tool of photography to overcome trauma.

It was there that Zenat started her non profit and opened a community center that reaches families who had been displaced by the violence in Iraq.